Maggot-infested dog – Is this justice?

Following my earlier blog on 5 September 2011 entitled “Kah Yong’s plea for maggot-infested dog”, there has been an outcome. The perpetrator of this terrible act of animal cruelty got off with only a fine of $5,000! According to Kah Yong below, neither he nor other eye-witnesses were invited to present their accounts and evidence at the court hearing.

Do you think justice has been meted out? You be the judge! Continue reading

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A Tribute to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary by Daisy Chee

Once in a while, you come across someone whose passion and dedication to a good cause touches you. That someone for me is Raymund Wee, the selfless founder of Noah’s Ark CARES.

I had the privilege of visiting Raymund’s Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (“NANAS”)  in Johor Bahru, Malaysia in early January 2012. It was an enlightening visit. NANAS provides care for about 800 dogs, 500 cats, 5 horses and numerous rabbits, chickens, monkeys, guinea pigs, etc. I was so happy to see these animals roaming around and playing freely. It has been a while since I saw this, the closest I have seen being the free range zoos in Australia. I am grateful for the following video which was posted previously on YouTube:

Raymund Wee’s greatest regret is not being able to take in every animal who needs and deserves a life like the ones in NANAS. Continue reading

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Inaugural Animal Advocates Meeting in Singapore

If you are a committed animal advocate, please check this out:

The meeting is on 26 December 2011 from 7.00pm to 8.30pm. If you can make it, please register at this website by 18 December 2011 over here or contact Jane La via

We need to establish the number of attendees for the venue.

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Calling for eyewitness accounts of stray-catcher Francis Lee

Were you an eyewitness to an act of animal cruelty by Francis Lee, the stray-catcher employed by AVA? If so, would you have the courage and moral fortitude to stand up for these voiceless, abused animals and stop it happening to others in the future? Just ask yourself – If not you, who? If not now, when?

Francis Lee, the stray-catcher

 Let us recap what the law against animal cruelty is. Under s 42 (1) of the Animals and Birds Act, it is an offence if any person

(a) cruelly beats, kicks, ill-treats, over-rides, over-drives, over-loads, tortures, infuriates or terrifies any animal;

(b) causes or procures or, being the owner, permits any animal to be so used; Continue reading

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Francis Lee and the AVA

The comments below are from “Stop Animal Abuse” page in Facebook.


Francis Lee’s Captured Hung Dog

“According to AVA, this dog was not hung to die by Francis Lee. This dog probably panicked after being caught and tried to escape by jumping into the drain. But because the noose was too short, it ended up strangling itself. Although SPCA recommended that Francis Lee be prosecuted for using cruel methods to catch strays, AVA declined and chose to fine him instead on the grounds that the death was unintentional. For a synopsis of the events, please read SPCA’s Cruelty Report which has been posted just before this post.

That said, all this doesn’t change the fact that Francis Lee uses unconventional and cruel methods to catch strays. Newspaper and media reports have also mentioned that he uses fishing hooks and mattress coils to catch stray dogs and cats. In this instance, he appears to have used a wire noose which unfortunately ended the dog’s life. Notwithstanding the fact that Francis might not have intentionally caused the dog’s death, should such methods of catching strays be allowed? Why does AVA continue to engage him? I can’t imagine him changing his methods to make his catch (and therefore his livelihood) more difficult? Continue reading

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Plea to Minister Tan Chuan-Jin re Francis Lee

The below is a letter from a concerned Singaporean to the Minister of State, Tan Chuan-Jin:

 “Dear Sir – you may or may not have been aware of the flurry of activity going on between AVA and volunteers who are concerned by the plight of stray dogs in Singapore. A lot of the issues at stake have been set out in various posts on AVA’s Facebook page. The current state of affairs is very unsatisfactory as AVA has chosen to address most of the issues with cut and paste answers which fail to address the problem. This has only served to agitate both the volunteers and members of the public. One such issue is AVA’s continued use of Francis Lee, a private contractor known for his unconventional and cruel methods of catching strays. Francis Lee made it to the news when he was fined by AVA for causing, albeit unintentionally (according to AVA) the death of a stray dog.

 SPCA had recommended that Francis be prosecuted, but AVA chose to impose a fine on the ground that the incident was of an ‘accidental’ nature. Continue reading

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Kah Yong’s plea for maggot-infested dog

Kah Yong’s article in STOMP was regrettably taken down. His letter and evidence is therefore posted here so that it can never be removed, lest we forget the evil done to a vulnerable, voiceless dog who suffered terribly for years. Let’s support Kah Yong to have justice done for the poor dog. Kah Yong’s letter, in his own words, is below:

Maggot-infested dog

Maggot-infested dog

“Dear friends,

Please help to spread the word and post on other sites! Help to fight a little justice for the animal that is no longer around!

This is an dog abuse case at a vegetable farm located at 31 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1.

‘Raw maggot infested wound, with flies all over his body and maggots eating his flesh from the raw open wound on the head…’

This old brown dog was chained up with a short rusty metal chain in a vegetable farm and was stepping on the same piece of soil for more than 3 years with minimal shelter over his animal that equals to none. Continue reading

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