This hobby site – which you are viewing – was started by Daisy Chee with no fixed agenda. However, over time, because of persistent cases of animal abuse, it has evolved into one championing animal welfare issues – although not exclusively.

Animal abuse is essentially the inappropriate exercise of power by humans over weaker beings (ie non-human animals) causing the latter harm and suffering. The animal victims have little means to defend themselves and the offenders exploit them for selfish pursuits.

The world is continually thrown into turmoil when people use their intellectual, physical or authoritative supremacy to abuse fellow beings just because they are voiceless and/or vulnerable.

If we stand up to, or at least deal with, the abuse of power, we can positively change the course of history and make this a better world for all.

With respect to animals, their  inability to communicate their suffering in words imposes on us humans a higher moral obligation to discern their cries for help and seek redress on their behalf. In other words, it is critical that we be their voice!

One of the worst things many people do, when confronted with animal abuse, is to look away and walk on.  What are you going to do about it? Remember that no one can do everything but everyone can do something!


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