Playful Puppy for Adoption in Singapore

This is Pius

This is Pius

Meet Pius who was born in June 2012.

Pius was rescued together with four of his siblings from an industrial area in July 2012. His mother ran away from the area after witnessing puppies being taken away and eaten by industrial workers.

Pius was the most traumatized and shy puppy amongst his siblings.  He was with his loving fosterer since he was rescued. He has grown strongly and developed good manners. He is toilet-trained and fully vaccinated (all 3 types).

Pius being taken for a walk

Pius being taken for a walk

His fosterer says that Pius is a little shy when meeting strangers but becomes friendly when you show him kindness. Thereafter, he returns you loyalty, love and obedience. Like all puppies, he is playful. He does not bark alot but whines when left alone for too long in a confined area – understandably because he is still so young. 

The preference is for Pius to be re-homed to somewhere spacious allowing him to roam freely. His fosterer regretfully does not have that space to accommodate Pius.

Please tel 9721 1490 or contact us here if you or your friends are dog lovers who can provide a conducive and happy home for the young and playful Pius. Do consider adopting this adorable and loving dog who is already house-trained and fully-vaccinated.

Kindly spread the word about Pius!


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