Maggot-infested dog – Is this justice?

Following my earlier blog on 5 September 2011 entitled “Kah Yong’s plea for maggot-infested dog”, there has been an outcome. The perpetrator of this terrible act of animal cruelty got off with only a fine of $5,000! According to Kah Yong below, neither he nor other eye-witnesses were invited to present their accounts and evidence at the court hearing.

Do you think justice has been meted out? You be the judge!

The Penalty

On 7 February 2012, the Singapore Straits Times reported the following:

“A vegetable farmer was fined $5,000 on Monday for failing to take a maggot-infested wounded dog to a veterinarian for treatment.

Yong Chin Hon, 37, admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to a male cross-breed brown coloured dog at his farm at Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 on Aug 17 last year.

Yong Chin Hon, the farmer

Yong Chin Hon, the farmer

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kumaresan Gohulabalan said following a tip-off, officers from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) went to the farm that day and saw the dog with an extensive wound running along its spine.

Yong claimed that the stray dog came to his farm three or four months earlier and he decided to keep it.”

Kah Yong’s Reaction

Kah Yong, the brave young man who reported the case, is disillusioned with the whole process. There is a groundswell of support for his views.

Here is what Kah Yong has to say, in his own words:

“I am the person who came across the maggot-infested dog in the farm at Lim Chu Kang and informed AVA and SPCA. I would like to express my utmost disappointment with the outcome – a $5000 fine. How can a person be let off so lightly when an animal suffered so much, and for such an extended period of time? And with a maggot-infested wound on the head for months?
There were eye-witnesses that were always ready and wanted to testify in court. We also had lots of evidence. However we were not even informed of the court trial! With such a light penalty as a fine, how could we deter anyone from performing similar cruel acts on an animal in the future? 
What was reported in the papers was not right either. Who else can speak the facts except us, the eye-witnesses? Yet, we were not even informed about the court trial. The same dog was chained there for at least 3 years, not months or weeks. And the maggot wound was as huge as a palm size, definitely not something on the animal for just 2 weeks as mentioned in the Chinese newspapers. From the extent of the injury, the wound was there for months. 
At my last meeting with AVA personnel and the legal officers, an eye-witness also testified that pesticide was sprayed on the maggot wound of the animal. What kind of excruciating pain would the animal have suffered? Was that mentioned in the court? No – because no eye-witness or the public was invited to speak the truth by presenting the evidence. Why?

I hope more animal activists would be able to attend the upcoming Singapore Animal Welfare Symposium and Public Forum on Animal Welfare Policies. When there’s a greater voice, more can be heard and seen.”

By: Daisy Chee


About Daisy Chee

Daisy Chee is relentlessly curious. This site serves as a record of her discoveries or inspiration and, at times, a vehicle to effect societal change. Animal welfare is a particular interest.
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5 Responses to Maggot-infested dog – Is this justice?

  1. jill hum says:

    the penalty is manifestly inadequate for the terrible suffering he caused to the dog. he should be jailed as well. the light sentence is a sad and infuriating reflection on the lack of will by the useless AVA and other authorities concerned to take a tougher stance on animal abuse. and also a sad reflection of the values the singapore society and powers that be place on animals vs inanimate objects.

  2. Delphine Goh says:


  3. ice says:

    I read in your earlier post that MP Shanmugan claimed that it is DIFFICULT to prosecute culprit of dog abuse due to no witnesses. MP Shanmugan should be aware that here is one person ALL READY to testify in court YET he was not notified at all to attend any hearings! Something is very wrong here (all the relevant authorities in charge of the case)! I suggest AVA close-shop! We should have a new task-force formed in charge of bringing justice for those abused animals! Didnt our government always so proud of being a party of integrity, then why do we have AVA working with NO integrity at all???

  4. ice says:

    Let’s boycott Yong CHin Hon’s produce!!!

  5. ice says:

    We should get Rescue Ink to Singapore and for them to give a GOOD CHAT with AVA and Francis Lee!!!!

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