Francis Lee and the AVA

The comments below are from “Stop Animal Abuse” page in Facebook.


Francis Lee’s Captured Hung Dog

“According to AVA, this dog was not hung to die by Francis Lee. This dog probably panicked after being caught and tried to escape by jumping into the drain. But because the noose was too short, it ended up strangling itself. Although SPCA recommended that Francis Lee be prosecuted for using cruel methods to catch strays, AVA declined and chose to fine him instead on the grounds that the death was unintentional. For a synopsis of the events, please read SPCA’s Cruelty Report which has been posted just before this post.

That said, all this doesn’t change the fact that Francis Lee uses unconventional and cruel methods to catch strays. Newspaper and media reports have also mentioned that he uses fishing hooks and mattress coils to catch stray dogs and cats. In this instance, he appears to have used a wire noose which unfortunately ended the dog’s life. Notwithstanding the fact that Francis might not have intentionally caused the dog’s death, should such methods of catching strays be allowed? Why does AVA continue to engage him? I can’t imagine him changing his methods to make his catch (and therefore his livelihood) more difficult?

AVA claims that they have reassessed his methods of trapping and have found them to be acceptable. This, coming from the same AVA which has refused to be transparent about how animals which are caught are put down. This coming from the same AVA which claims that they work with animal welfare groups to rehome dogs which they think can be put up for adoption, yet chose to put down two puppies caught from Bukit Batok instead of liaising with the groups. This, coming from the same AVA who repeats the same tired rhetoric in nearly every response to queries from the public.

This is the sad state of affairs which animal welfare groups and volunteers have to work with. Many have tried working with as opposed to working against the establishment but little headway has been made with regard to the plight of strray dogs in Singapore. So where do we go from here?”

 The post of Stop Animal Abuse can be found here:



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Daisy Chee is relentlessly curious. This site serves as a record of her discoveries or inspiration and, at times, a vehicle to effect societal change. Animal welfare is a particular interest.
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2 Responses to Francis Lee and the AVA

  1. ice says:

    If AVA failed to be genuine in doing what they claimed ie. working with animal welfare groups to rehome strays, and choose to CULL the strays instead, then they have LIED!!! We do not need such authorities with NO INTEGRITY!! It’s time to revamp AVA or do away with such government agencies!!

  2. John Ng says:

    AVA replied to my email stating they did not reinstate Francis Lee but he was a contratual basis with AVA. Is there any different? Was it right for an authority to give such a irresponsible fair excuse? Are the authoeity being fair to the public in answering our question? They can shirk off their responsibility by saying there wasnt any employer and employee relation but doen under, the public jolly well knows that AVA is abetting an offender, condoning to all his cruel acts towards the strays.

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