Calling for eyewitness accounts of stray-catcher Francis Lee

Were you an eyewitness to an act of animal cruelty by Francis Lee, the stray-catcher employed by AVA? If so, would you have the courage and moral fortitude to stand up for these voiceless, abused animals and stop it happening to others in the future? Just ask yourself – If not you, who? If not now, when?

Francis Lee, the stray-catcher

 Let us recap what the law against animal cruelty is. Under s 42 (1) of the Animals and Birds Act, it is an offence if any person

(a) cruelly beats, kicks, ill-treats, over-rides, over-drives, over-loads, tortures, infuriates or terrifies any animal;

(b) causes or procures or, being the owner, permits any animal to be so used;

(c) being in charge of any animal in confinement or in the course of transport from one place to another neglects to supply the animal with sufficient food and water;

(d) by wantonly or unreasonably doing or omitting to do any act, causes any unnecessary pain or suffering or, being the owner, permits any unnecessary pain or suffering to any animal..”

 The list goes on. The above is only an excerpt.

 While there have been reports and complaints against Francis Lee, it appears that AVA demands a very high standard of proof when it comes to enforcing the law against animal abuse, as distinct from the evidence to convict offenders of child or human abuse.

 In light of this, we are compiling eyewitness accounts and people should be prepared to testify. These eyewitness accounts should be factually correct, with the dates, approximate times of events, and place/s of occurrence. They need only be brief and specify the facts. Photographic or other video evidence would be great.

We can also have multiple witnesses for one act of cruelty so a group of people can also provide an eyewitness account.

 We  will then formally make a submission to AVA and the relevant authorities. However we would need your full name and address – these will kept strictly confidential and NOT be posted on any site. However, they will need to be submitted privately to AVA.

 If there are any lawyers out there who are willing to help, please let us know. We need to lodge legal submissions and hope that you can help us at least draft/refine them.

Again, the more evidence, the stronger our case. Please think about making Singapore a much better place for all beings, whether or not they have voices or voting rights.

By: Daisy Chee



About Daisy Chee

Daisy Chee is relentlessly curious. This site serves as a record of her discoveries or inspiration and, at times, a vehicle to effect societal change. Animal welfare is a particular interest.
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