Kah Yong’s plea for maggot-infested dog

Kah Yong’s article in STOMP was regrettably taken down. His letter and evidence is therefore posted here so that it can never be removed, lest we forget the evil done to a vulnerable, voiceless dog who suffered terribly for years. Let’s support Kah Yong to have justice done for the poor dog. Kah Yong’s letter, in his own words, is below:

Maggot-infested dog

Maggot-infested dog

“Dear friends,

Please help to spread the word and post on other sites! Help to fight a little justice for the animal that is no longer around!

This is an dog abuse case at a vegetable farm located at 31 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1.

‘Raw maggot infested wound, with flies all over his body and maggots eating his flesh from the raw open wound on the head…’

This old brown dog was chained up with a short rusty metal chain in a vegetable farm and was stepping on the same piece of soil for more than 3 years with minimal shelter over his animal that equals to none.

Exposed to the elements no matter rain or shine, day or night.

For years and years, he was eating leftover junk, rotten food covered with ants and houseflies..

The bone and brain was clearly visible when he was discovered… and the itch caused by the houseflies and maggots feasting on the flesh resulted in the poor dog scratching non stop.

The SPCA was infomed and took the dog and had put it down but yet unsure whether legal actions will be taken to the farm who is responsible.

I was at AVA to sign a statement as evidence but AVA is also unsure of whether the person will be prosecuted even with those evidence, photographs taken by myself as well as SPCA , and eye witnesses including the SPCA personnels who were also at the scene.

The farm denied ownership of the animal and says only chained up the dog to prevent it from damaging the vegetation, INSISTING THEY DID NOT own the dog although it was chained and fed by their people IN THEIR PREMISES for at least 3 years!

It was only 3 days back when we happen to past by the farm again and shocked to notice the dog with an maggot infested wound! However, there are others living in the area who can testify that the dog was chain up inside the vegetable farm premises for at least 3 years but the wound was there probably for the last 2 months.

Please help to spread the word! Write in to the AVA and to the Ministers at k_shanmugam@mfa.gov.sg and khawbw@mnd.gov.sg to express your views and hopefully bringing the matter to their attention! The abuser needs to be prosecuted!

Best Regards,
Kahyong 96876534 “


About Daisy Chee

Daisy Chee is relentlessly curious. This site serves as a record of her discoveries or inspiration and, at times, a vehicle to effect societal change. Animal welfare is a particular interest.
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2 Responses to Kah Yong’s plea for maggot-infested dog

  1. Keng Hua Tan says:

    Hi, a friend posted the link to your blog article on his FB.

    I would like to suggest creating an online petition via http://www.thepetitionsite.com/

    Garner supports from local and international community alike.

  2. abeq says:

    Hi Keng
    The issue here is not about punishment of the alleged perpetrator of this dispicable crime. There needs to be an education campaign and awareness about the treatment of animals. Punishment may not result in the outcomes you are looking for, namely, protecting animals in all parts of the country. It is AVA’s responsibility to educated and make people aware of the need to protect animals.

    wish you all the best and thank you for highlighting this issue to the rest of the world.

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