A Tribute to Henry Spira by Daisy Chee

If you see something that’s wrong, you’ve got to do something about it.”  — Henry Spira

“I don’t think that one can articulate a satisfaction with harming another being whether it’s human or nonhuman.” — Henry Spira

I would like to introduce you to Henry Spira, one of the world’s most effective animal activists. His life is testament to how individuals can make a real difference in this world. I got to know about Henry Spira a week ago in my readings. I was struck by his courage and determination to end animal cruelty in strategically creative ways. I was further moved by his simplistically beautiful attitude towards life. He was happy and contented devoting his life to animal welfare despite having next to nothing in conventional terms. To me, his existence was extraordinarily meaningful and worthwhile! It would be unforgivable if I did not share his story. Continue reading

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Arsenic poisoning from rice?

Being of Singaporean Chinese descent, I eat lots of rice. Everyday. Over the past several years, I switched to brown rice because of its superior nutritional value over white rice.

Imagine the shock I got when I saw a BBC program recently which highlighted inorganic arsenic – a carcinogen – in rice. In the program, Dr Michael Mosley interviewed Prof Andy Meharg of Queen’s University, Belfast, who is an expert on rice and rice products. Prof Meharg’s research shows that all rice have arsenic. Brown rice however has 80% higher arsenic level than white because arsenic is concentrated in the bran that is removed by milling to produce white rice. Continue reading

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Introducing Repair Cafe in Sydney

Recently, I wrote about a quick solution to fixing a zipper in my haversack.

Related to that post, I feel that I need to inform Sydney residents of a little-known gem in our midst in the form a community of volunteers who reside in the Sydney north shore. They represent what is called the Repair Cafe Sydney North (website: click here ) run by a small group of good samaritan volunteers with wide-ranging expertise – very much admired by me! Continue reading

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Quickly repair a zipper that won’t close

Just yesterday, my haversack zipper would not close – no matter how hard I tried to close the thing!

I decided to jump on the internet and am so glad that I found a very quick and easy solution. It took less than 5 seconds to fix the zipper. It has saved me lots of time and money – and I am not contributing to landfill. Here it is:

It reminds me how many good items I have thrown out during my lifetime which can be fixed so easily. I remember pencil cases, clothes, bags, etc – their zippers could all have been fixed in seconds!

In this regard, I will need to say something about Repair Cafe Sydney North for people who live in Sydney. They are a community of volunteers who graciously give of their time twice a month to help and encourage people to repair their household items. I think they deserve a special mention in a separate post here: Wonderful Repair Cafe


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Playful Puppy for Adoption in Singapore

This is Pius

This is Pius

Meet Pius who was born in June 2012.

Pius was rescued together with four of his siblings from an industrial area in July 2012. His mother ran away from the area after witnessing puppies being taken away and eaten by industrial workers.

Pius was the most traumatized and shy puppy amongst his siblings.  He was with his loving fosterer since he was rescued. He has grown strongly and developed good manners. He is toilet-trained and fully vaccinated (all 3 types). Continue reading

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Lonely Dog for Adoption in Singapore

This is Meeky. Beneath the rugged exterior is a sweet angel.

This is Meeky. Beneath the rugged exterior is a sweet angel.

Meet Meeky, a sweet dog born in August 2010.

Meeky is presently hiding fearfully in a construction site. Her mother abandoned her when she was six months old. Two months after that abandonment, Meeky befriended another dog, only to have her one and only doggie friend caught and killed in September 2012.

Meeky is therefore very much alone given that those close to her are no longer around. Her loneliness is amplified by her not belonging to a pack or tribe, and the constant threat of other dominant dogs in the area. Continue reading

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Second Singapore Animal Welfare Forum

I was not able to attend the forum and the below is an excerpt from todayonline.com published on 26 February 2012.

It appears that there has been good progress made following issues raised in the inaugural forum last year. Well done and keep up the good work everyone! Continue reading

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